Vermont Studio Center Fellowship <> Johnson VT <> March - April 2024

SGCI Playback Panel <> Providence RI <>  April 2024

Playback will engage artists working across disciplines in print and sound to consider how looping audio, image, and action expand upon the iterative and collaborative nature of printmaking.

Co-led by interdisciplinary artists Johanna Winters and Terry Conrad, Playback will thematically draw from Jennifer L. Roberts’ essay Listening to Print (from the exhibition catalog Visual Record: The Materiality of Sound in Print, Print Center New York, 2022). Panelists will explore ways in which print and sound both record a “contact event” between the body and a material in a sensory feedback loop. Each of these mediums are activated by a haptic activity, such as the pluck of a cord or the crank of a press, and through playback they dispatch information that can be iterated and replicated. Additionally, this panel will examine parallels between early print and sound recording technologies as a means of reproduction. The 19th century phonograph, for instance, replicated audio through sound waves that were physically inscribed onto a flat disc. This translation of embedded mark to sensory output mimics the language of print.

Playback aligns with the conference theme ‘Verified by Proof’ as a forum for examining how information coded within a printed image or recorded sound is retained, lost, or augmented through the creative process. What possibilities emerge within these slippages of information?

Performative modes of panel participation will be included.

Two Person Exhibition <> Alex McKenzie and Dana Potter <> Watkins Gallery University of Winona Minnesota <> January 2025